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- The Military Industrial Complex -

The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) can be understood as the marriage of war-making and money-making, conducted via thousands of projects spread out across the globe affecting people in all social strata. In the case of the United States, our ever increasing war-making budget is parceled out to a network of corporations to develop and manufacture war materials, including the American arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. Many billions of American tax dollars each year are paid to Lockheed Martin, Bechtel, and other corporations. The nuclear weapons industry is part of the MIC.

The U.S. is currently spending more on its nuclear weapons’ program than it did at any point in the Cold War. Such spending continues to drain resources that could be used to end hunger and other poverty related conditions worldwide. Nuclear weapons facilities that maintain high levels of activity in the MIC include the Nevada Test Site, the Y-12 plant in Oakridge, Tennessee, Lawrence Livermore Labs in California, Los Alamos in New Mexico, and the Kansas City facility. Some in the MIC are calling to revamp the NTS's mission.If we truly seek a free and democratic world, we must liberate ourselves from a consciousness framed in fear and vengeance and disarm the weapons of mass destruction here in our country.

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Revamping the Nuclear Industrial Complex

National Nuclear Security Administration Stockpile Stewardship Program Quarterly Experiments

Campaign for a Nuclear Weapons Free World

FCNL Action Guide: Complex Transformation Q&A

Nevada Test Site - Public Information Brief by H.O.M.E. Produced by H.O.M.E.'s John Hadder and edited by NDE's Jim Haber. This is a short brief about ongoing activities at the NTS/NNSS presented in the context of expanded nuclear weapons spending for missile, bomb and warhead upgrades, even as the arsenal has shrunk since the end of the Cold War.

Predators & Reapers are remote-controlled, hunter-killer, unmanned aerial vehicles operated at Creech Air Force Base just outside of Las Vegas.

Subcritical Nuclear Tests and the Myth of Stockpile Stewardship

NUCLEARISM: /NU-klee-ir-êsm/ [Mod. Eng., Psych., Relig.] (n) 1. ideology among some U.S. Americans and their allies in which nuclear weapons are held in such high esteem that they are regarded as essential to maintaining worldwide U.S. military and economic dominance. 2. belief rising in the late 20th century among many scientists, military persons, corporations, government agencies, and others within the military-industrial complex that nuclear weapons are useful, valuable, and needed to maintain/enforce "peace." 3. habitual engagement in working for the nuclear industry. 4. "death cult" (often subconsciously observed) which believes that peace is created by ultimate violence or threats of ultimate violence (i.e. the power to annihilate others); the worship of the deadliest substance that humans have created to-date.

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